Gabriel Cyr

Carl Mayotte Fusion Quintet


  1. Fantosme
  2.  Grand Prix
  3. O Commodoro
  4. Crépuscule
  5.  Haynarket Square
  6.  Smoky Chicks
  7. La Cavalerie s'envole
  8.  Marise
  9. Mirroir Hélicoïdal
  10. Spiritus


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Marie Claire Quartet

Jazz music is pushing her above her limits in a way to shine over and over with new and powerful interpretations. Whether through solos that she delivers with intensity and heartfelt, or by her way to embody the words of her songs, Marie-Claire Linteau shines through an actual jazz, surprising, and respectful to the tradition.

60/40 includes four pieces – two arrangements and two original compositions – written and arranged by the two friends, Marie-Claire Linteau (vocal) and Carl Mayotte (bass). The Marie-Claire Quartet presents their own signature, a strong and a musical sound. Otherwise, the choice to add cover songs is a way for the musicians to present two pieces that represents an influence during their artistic journey.


Members of the group:

Marie-Claire Linteau - vocal
Carl Mayotte - bass
Gabriel Cyr - guitar
Nico Plouffe - drum

Special guest:

Jean-François Aubin - keyboard/piano
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